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Here's some info on the Sacramento NWR Complex.....

The National Wildlife Refuge System is part of the US Fish and Wildlife service under the Department of the Interior. The US National Wildlife Refuge System is the world’s largest network of national lands and water, conserved and managed for fish, wildlife, and their habitats for the American people.

Here are the 'Big Six' Uses of the Refuge System: 1. Wildlife Observation 2. Hunting 3. Fishing 4. Photography 5. Environmental Education 6. Interpretation But Always Wildlife First!

Facts about the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex

The Sacramento NWR Complex comprises almost 35,000 acres in the Central Valley of Northern California. The complex is comprised of not one, but five separate refuges: Sacramento NWR--established 1937, comprising almost 11,000 acres. Delevan NWR--established 1962, 5877 acres. Colusa NWR--established 1945, 5077 acres. Sutter NWR--established 1945, 2951 acres. Sacramento River NWR--established 1989, 10,353 acres comprised of various land parcels along the Sacramento River.

I bet you didn't know all of that!

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