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Friends of Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

Our Mission

The mission of the Friends of SNWR is to work in partnership with the Sacramento National Wildlife Complex and the public to maintain and expand wildlife observation, education and all forms of recreational opportunities to a broader audience in this jewel of the Central Valley of Northern California.

Who We Are and What We Do

The Friends of Sacramento NWR is a newly formed not for profit organization. Our founders have loved the refuges for years and recognize their value not just to the wildlife and habitat, but to the local communities and businesses that benefit from having a thriving wildlife refuge complex.

Our objective is work with the refuge staff, the local community, businesses and other interested parties in the region to make the refuges even better than they are now.

How will be accomplish this mission? By reaching out to a broad audience across all age and ethnic backgrounds to inform about the many benefits from supporting and visiting the refuges. We will be working with refuge staff to identify projects that need assistance, will be working with the broad network of supporters to provide resources that the refuges so desperately need.

We welcome you to join us, to donate to our mission, and to follow us on our Facebook group and Instagram page.


Friends of SNWR Receives Entity Number from California Secretary of State

June 9, 2019

Our articles of incorporation were approved by the state. We have an official entity number, a requirement for all other regulatory filings.

Friends of SNWR Obtains Federal EIN from the IRS

June 9, 2019

Friends of SNWR now has a federal EIN, a precursor to opening a bank account and filing for tax exempt status.

Friends of SNWR Forms Initial Board of Directors and Elects Slate of Officers.

June 9, 2019

The Board consists of five directors plus a non voting observer nominated by the refuges. Elected officers include President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secetary.

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